How to Get Ahead of the Competition (10 Success Tips from Jeff Bezos)
Starting small, back in the early-90s, Jeff Bezos has for more than 20 years been steadily growing his company into a multi-billion dollar empire. Over the years, he not only has amassed great wealth but also accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge about business, entrepreneurship and achieving great success in all his endeavors. Luckily for us, Jeff Bezos has over the years been enthusiastically sharing his business knowledge through interviews, the media and his speeches, some of which are quite extensive and detailed. [Read more...]
FBA Sellers Action of Last Resort (How and When to Contact Jeff Bezos)
Many of our customers have been asking whether it is possible to contact Jeff Bezos directly via email. And if so how? First of all, let me clarify that sending Jeff Bezos an email should be done only when an FBA seller has exhausted all channels of complaint. Other instances where you can contact Jeff Bezos directly include erroneous suspension of your FBA account, and other serious business problems that require prompt action. [Read more...]
5 Things Even Experienced Amazon Sellers Do Wrong
Amazon is a great place to sell your products and goods. If you’ve been selling on Amazon for some time now, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to the way the platform operates. You probably think you know a lot about running an FBA store on Amazon. However, selling on Amazon is fraught with challenges and subtleties that baffle even the most experienced Amazon sellers. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, learn to avoid the seven pitfalls of selling on Amazon – things that even veteran FBA sellers do wrong. [Read more...]
5 Ways on How to Protect Your FBA Store from Amazon Overcharges
Amazon is a wonderful place to sell anything and grow a successful FBA store. While it’s easy to get started, running a thriving online store on Amazon requires a lot of dedication and hard work. You need to take into account that Amazon processes, manages and catalogs a huge volume of storage, sales, and shipping transactions every day. This makes their system somewhat vulnerable to mistakes. This is why as an FBA seller, you ought to be monitoring your Amazon account for money owing to you by way of overcharge refunds and reimbursements for lost or damaged items. [Read more...]
Turn Your FBA Store Into a Sales Machine (5 Expert Tips from Jeff Bezos)
Have you ever wished you knew of a secret formula that will turn your FBA store into a sales machine? Over the years, I have been following Jeff Bezos’ sales strategy and how he transformed his business from zero to a $100 Billion in less than 20 years. I learned that in order to successfully market your products on Amazon, you need to have a service-oriented right mindset, a strong drive for innovation and Jeff Bezos’ 5-step strategy for Amazon success. 1. Make Your Title Accurate and Descriptive Your listing title is extremely important. [Read more...]
Getting the Money that Amazon Owes You
Watch webinar "Getting the Money that Amazon Owes You" with special guests Robert Ferreira and Lee Loree from FBA investigators. [embed] [Read more...]
Sell More, Earn More (8 Amazon Upselling Strategies You Can Leverage for Growth)
Have you noticed that selling on Amazon is like shooting at a moving target? If you feel like you’re always trying to keep up but never really getting anywhere, you’re not alone. Like most FBA sellers you are probably perplexed by Amazon’s constantly changing seller landscape. You want to turn a single sale into multiple transactions, but don’t know how. You want to sell more, but somehow people are just not interested in buying. [Read more...]
5-Point Strategy on How to Handle Unfair Amazon Reimbursements
Is Amazon giving you a hard time getting reimbursed for lost or damaged goods? This is a common complaint among FBA sellers. Some received unfair reimbursements where the amount sent was much less than the value of the lost or damaged item. While Amazon has, in theory, agreed to reimburse or refund FBA sellers for the full value of damaged or lost items; in practice, Amazon is often the guiltiest when it comes to violating FBA rules. [Read more...]
Seller Investigators: The Right Way to Get Reimbursed Faster
Do you need help getting your money back from Amazon? If you don’t know where to go, Seller Investigators can help. Seller Investigators' reimbursement solution allows you to effectively handle payment delays and fast track your Amazon reimbursements. In the succeeding paragraphs you’ll learn how you can leverage Seller Investigators' proprietary API, review your Amazon account and receive bi-weekly reimbursements from Amazon without having to do a thing! Speedy FBA Refunds at Your Fingertips Amazon owes 99% of sellers money. [Read more...]
Pitfalls of Selling on Amazon (And How to Overcome Them)
Experienced sellers on Amazon foresee a future when Amazon will become too saturated. But as of now, getting on Amazon and earning profits are still relatively easy to accomplish. As long as you can find a product to sell with realistic, competitive margins then you will make it. This is simply due to the fact that Amazon spans a vast audience that it’s hard to miss your marketing targets; unless you’re selling items that no one cares to buy. [Read more...]
Position Your FBA Store for Success (5 USP Strategies That Move Consumers to Buy)
One of the greatest challenges of being an Amazon FBA Seller is how you can differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition. Considering the thousands of other sellers on Amazon and other similar platforms, you need to act fast to get your prospects to notice you. You need to offer something different; something that makes you stand out. Let me begin by asking you one question. What is your Unique Selling Proposition? If you cannot answer that, then it’s only a matter of time before the competition steps in there to take away your market share. [Read more...]
Leveraging Growth Opportunities (5 Tips to Position Your Amazon Store for Success)
How do you take your business to the next level? How do you tackle difficulties as an Amazon FBA seller? How do you obtain the financing needed to raise working capital? These are valid questions that have at one time or another crossed the mind of every Amazon vendor. Don’t allow lack of working capital hold back your business growth. [Read more...]
Why It’s Better to Engage in a Niche Market (5 Lessons I Learned from Jeff Bezos)
Niche market has always been a market of hobby, specialized interests and specific industries. If you’re a startup, probably the first thing you asked yourself was whether you wanted to focus on a small niche or diversify from day one. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to this. Some of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs of our time such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs began their journey with some very specific starting point, such as a particular interest, specialized skillsets, a hobby, a dream, or a calling. [Read more...]
Leverage Your Intellectual Resources for Success (Jeff Bezos Reveals 5 Killer Strategies)
Have you ever wished there was a way for you to catapult your Amazon Store to success? Or become the next Jeff Bezos? The only thing that stands in your way is your own self-limiting thoughts. To get on the right path, equip yourself with the right tools to tackle the major challenges of running an online business. Let us look closely at how Jeff Bezos would have approached the problems you are facing as an Amazon seller and entrepreneur.   Now even the best financial tycoons on Wall Street do not have all the answers. [Read more...]
Jeff Bezos Sheds Some Light on “Amazon’s Choice” Selection Formula
Certain items sold on Amazon are labeled “Amazon’s Choice.” For Amazon sellers who are aspiring to enhance the popularity of their product, the formula Amazon uses for deciding which products get that designation is shrouded in mystery.   Well, Jeff Bezos and his brain-child Amazon are often secretive about their product selection algorithm. How the online retailer determines what products to highlight on your screen remains is mostly kept hidden from prying eyes. [Read more...]
Is Amazon Treating You Unfairly as an FBA Seller? 5 Steps to Get the Reimbursement You Deserve
Countless of Amazon FBA Sellers are complaining about Amazon not reimbursing them for damaged or lost products. Or, if the sellers were reimbursed at all, they reported to have received an amount much lower than the real market value of the damaged goods. If you’re new to Amazon FBA, this is basically how the reimbursement process works: The seller or vendor sends their items and products to Amazon warehouses and from there all order fulfillments will be shouldered by them. In theory, this works pretty well. [Read more...]
Is Amazon Too Crowded for New Sellers? (7 Myths Exposed)
Amazon is without a doubt the superstar among online retailers. To confirm that statement, simply take a look at what people do in their daily lives. If people want answers on any topic they Google it. If they want to share and talk with friends, they interact with them on Facebook. And if there’s anything they need to purchase online, they buy it on Amazon. You get the idea.   Amazon is light-years ahead of the other online retail platforms. It has a long track record for building trust and goodwill among their customers, employees and FBA sellers. [Read more...]
How to Win More Sales and Customers (Jeff Bezos’ 5 Secrets for Market Penetration)
So you have your own thriving store on Amazon. You are new, but already customers are flocking and buying your products and services. If you keep it up, you are bound to dominate your category and industry. But you are not alone in this endeavor. There are those that are ahead of you, and those that are falling behind.   The future looks good, but you can’t get complacent, not for a moment, when competitors are looming about waiting for the right moment to pounce and take away your market share. You have to make sure you can keep your customers happy and loyal to you. [Read more...]
How to Succeed Selling on Amazon (in 10 Easy Steps)
Have you ever wondered whether there’s a secret formula for success selling on Amazon? Well, success as an Amazon seller can mean different things to different people. But if your idea of success includes delivering positive customer experience, gaining great feedback, driving repeat business, and reaping sizable profit margins; then you’ve come to the right place. Outlined in this article are 10 tips to help you gain the strategic advantage you need to succeed on Amazon.   Go Pro All the Way Professional Amazon sellers enjoy a huge advantage over individual sellers. [Read more...]
From Zero to Billionaire: 5 Sparks of Wisdom from Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos is a visionary, innovator, leader; a man of substance and principles. Everyone knows him as the founder and CEO of Amazon. But that’s just about everything most people know about him. I bet you didn’t know Jeff Bezos makes more money per minute than what the average person earns in an entire year.   What makes Jeff Bezos tick? How did he get from a bookworm kid to the multi-billionaire tycoon he is today? This kind of success can only come with the right attitude, mindfulness and wisdom; something you too can achieve. [Read more...]
Are You Letting the Competition Rob You Blind? (5 Tips to Prevent Your FBA Listing From Being Stolen)
Have you ever wished you knew how to prevent unscrupulous sellers from stealing your listings from right under your nose? It’s one of the worst things that can happen to you as an Amazon FBA seller. When I first started, my knowledge about online retailers, like Amazon and eBay, was pretty limited.   I was a newbie back then. And somehow my supplier got a whiff of my vulnerability, took advantage of my inexperience, and stole my listing even before my shipment arrived. So I told myself, never will I let anything like that happen to me again. [Read more...]
What Makes Top Amazon Sellers Tick? (Track These 5 Metrics for FBA Success)
How do elite Amazon FBA sellers stay ahead of the competition? The answer lies in their ability to leverage metrics to drive more sales and profits to their business. This sounds simple enough for any startup to understand. However; considering the huge amount of information a seller needs to track, not everyone understands how to best use these data to improve revenue.   Elite FBA sellers have encountered this dilemma early on in the game. [Read more...]
Common Problems When Your Goods are Shipped Directly from Your Foreign Supplier to Amazon (+ Solutions)
Now, you can have your inventory shipped directly to Fulfillment by Amazon warehouses following a process specified by Amazon. While this is by no means rocket science, the process requires for you to have more than a glancing knowledge of how FBA works. But not to worry, this article will walk you through the steps and how to solve or work around the problems you’ll encounter so you can have your goods shipped from your supplier in another country directly to Amazon. FBA is one of the most popular fulfillment programs ever devised. [Read more...]
5 Problems You Didn’t Know You’d Run Into Selling on Amazon (And What to Do)
Over the years, Amazon has been gaining a steady foothold in the online selling arena. Today Amazon stands among the world’s fastest growing online retailers. This popularity has consequently attracted a torrent of vendors to the platform, selling all kinds of things from books, beauty products, furniture to car parts. You name it; they got it. Due to their unprecedented success, Amazon has set up fulfillment centers at strategic areas all over the world, catering to the demands of buyers for fast and reliable service. As wonderful as all this sounds, Amazon is not perfect. [Read more...]
10 Success Formulas for Selling on Amazon
Selling on Amazon can be wonderful way to make a living. If you’re tired of your day job and are looking forward to someday owning your own business, Amazon offers a smarter way for you to earn money, gain financial freedom and liberate yourself from the drudgery of daily toil. But like all endeavors worth pursuing, selling on Amazon has its own benefits, privileges, challenges and pitfalls. If you’ve marked this day as the day when you no longer will let anyone push you around, then you’ve come to the right place. [Read more...]